Source code for catcher.core.include

import os

import networkx as nx

from typing import Tuple, Optional, Union, List

from catcher.utils.logger import debug

[docs]class Include: """ Include another testcase in include section: - file: test file to include - variables: variables to override - alias: unique name to run this test later - run_on_include: should run as soon as included (before test) - ignore_errors: should continue running other tests if this fails :Examples: Simple include - will run before test :: include: register_user.yaml Will run before test with some variables overridden :: include: file: register_user.yaml variables: user_email: '' Multiple includes. Will run one by one. Variables from the first one will be passed to the next :: include: - simple_form.yaml - file: long_form.yaml variables: {user_email: ''} Include with alias and run later :: include: file: register_user.yaml as: sign_up steps: # .... some steps - run: include: sign_up # .... some steps See `includes <>`_ for more info. """ def __init__(self, ignore_errors=False, file=None, **kwargs) -> None: if 'file' is None: raise RuntimeError('Can\'t include unknown file.') self.file = file self.variables = kwargs.get('variables', {}) self.alias = kwargs.get('as', None) self.run_on_include = kwargs.get('run_on_include', self.alias is None) self.ignore_errors = ignore_errors
[docs] @staticmethod def check_circular(parent: str, all_includes: nx.DiGraph, current_include: dict) -> 'Include': path = current_include['file'] all_includes.add_edge(parent, path) if list(nx.simple_cycles(all_includes)): debug(str(all_includes.edges)) raise Exception('Circular dependencies for ' + path) return Include(**current_include)
[docs] @staticmethod def read_includes(path: str, parent: str, includes: Union[dict, list, str], all_includes: Optional[nx.DiGraph]) -> Tuple[nx.DiGraph, List['Include']]: if all_includes is None: all_includes = nx.DiGraph() if isinstance(includes, str) or isinstance(includes, dict): # single include raw = [Include.read_include(path, parent, includes, all_includes)] elif isinstance(includes, list): # an array of includes raw = [Include.read_include(path, parent, include, all_includes) for include in includes] else: raw = [] return all_includes, raw
[docs] @staticmethod def read_include(path=None, parent=None, include_file=None, all_includes=None): include_file = Include.path_from_root(include_file, path) return Include.check_circular(parent, all_includes, include_file)
[docs] @staticmethod def path_from_root(include_file: str or dict, path: str) -> dict: if isinstance(include_file, str): return {'file': os.path.join(path, include_file)} else: include_file['file'] = os.path.join(path, include_file['file']) return include_file