Source code for catcher.modules.compose

from os.path import isfile, join

from catcher.modules import Module
from catcher.utils.logger import info
from catcher.utils.module_utils import is_package_installed

[docs]class DockerCompose(Module): """ :Docker-compose module: Will automatically run `docker-compose up -d` before your test and `down` after it if this module was enabled and you have `docker-compose.yml` file in your directory. :Enable this module: - run `pip install catcher[compose]`. It will installs all requirements, if they were not installed. """ def __init__(self, resources_dir) -> None: super().__init__(resources_dir) self._cmd = None self._options = {'--detach': True, 'SERVICE': "", '--no-deps': False, '--abort-on-container-exit': False, '--no-recreate': True, '--remove-orphans': False, '--always-recreate-deps': False, '--force-recreate': False, '--build': False, '--no-build': False, '--no-color': False, '--rmi': 'none', '--volumes': "", '--follow': False, '--timestamps': False, '--scale': {} }
[docs] def before(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Will run `docker-compose up -d` only in case docker-compose is installed locally and there is a docker-compose.yml file in resources directory """ compose = self.find_resource_file() if compose and is_package_installed('compose'): from compose.cli.main import TopLevelCommand, project_from_options info('Starting docker-compose. Please wait.') self._options['-f'] = join(self._resources, compose), self._cmd = TopLevelCommand(project_from_options(self._resources, self._options)) self._cmd.up(self._options)
[docs] def after(self, *args, **kwargs): if self._cmd: self._cmd.down(self._options)
[docs] def filter_resource(self, file: str) -> bool: # use only default docker-compose.yml for now, will change it in future if needed. return isfile(join(self._resources, file)) and file == 'docker-compose.yml'